My 6 Secret Tips Money & Success

My 6 Secret Tips for Success and Money

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My 6 Secret Tips for Success and Money,

Inspired Thoughts!

I made a video for you…Here are my 6 Secret Tips for Success and Money, try one and see what happens. Comment below if you have any luck, Like it and share it, please. 💋💋🙏

My 6 Secret Tips Money & Success
Here are 6 Secret Tips for Success and Money, Inspired Thoughts! try one and see what happens.

My First Secret Tip#1 for Success and Money is…TO Talk about it!  talk about Money with Your Spouse or Loved ones.

Find out if you have enough money between the two of you.

Here is the Link to watch this video on Youtube.  please subscribe, mind you the quality of the video is not great as it’s in the car…Inspired thought!



Second Secret Tip#2 for Success and Money is to Create a  Budget.

Figure out a Money Budget plan and stick to it.  I personally am in love with Jordan Page from fun cheap or free she has a great budget that includes 7 bank accounts and a Beauty budget!

You as a couple or family or a team need to discuss money. I know growing up we never talked about money, it was a taboo. Until it was no longer hideable... Is that a word?

Are you unsure what to talk about?

Awkward,  so first Decide How are you going to manage the money that you do have.

Do you have a system in place to track your money, any money that comes into your world?

What are you going to do with that lack of money, my suggestion is to sell something, Start to Declutter.


Third Secret Tip#3 for Success and Money is To Sell Something.

The next thing you’re going to do is to Sell something to either make the money, to get it into your world or to make room for the item that you are wanting to purchase.

Such as that New car that You have been wanting, but don’t have the money to buy.

If you have an old car sitting in the driveway you need to remove that car by selling it. By selling it you then are able to get more money to go and put a down payment on the next car and if you don’t have one. If you have an old car sitting in your driveway, then there’s no room for a new one to come in. The De-Cluttering Process must Begin!

So that’s tip  Number three!

Wealth and Prosperity Tips

My Fourth Secret Tip#4 for Success and Money is to Change Your Mindset about Money.

Yup! If that sounds woo-woo to you, then I am right, You have money blocks and need to change your mindset about money right away!

Think about it. If you are walking around complaining all the time that you don’t have enough money, and the lack of it, then you are attracting just that.

Your beliefs and thoughts about finances are tied to the past and old negative thinking process. Any new positive thinking that is being applied will naturally be rejected.

Some examples of those Bad Negative Money Mindset Blocks are:

Money doesn’t grow on trees, or there isn’t enough money, I’m not making enough money at work etc…

If you have a really negative connotation or negative attitude about money, make friends with Money and Change your mindset.

Be Thankful for what you have....

By Applying New Friendly Positive thoughts, patterns and affirmations, this will allow Money & Success to come into your life.


Stop being afraid of Money,  and treat money like your friend. I believe if you’re friends with money,  money will come to you if you’re not friends with money, Then Money is going to avoid you.

Why? Because enemies don’t hang out together.

Am I right?

You will turn your situation around and start making money, therefore being successful~ Long Term once you complete these 6 tips!

If you have a really negative connotation or negative attitude about money, make friends with Money and Change your mindset. This will allow Money  & Success to come into your life._Danielle Khan

Money attracts More Money! Find a clear Jar and put money into it, everyday
Money attracts More Money! Find a clear Jar and put money into it, every day, Watch it grow!

My Fifth Secret Tip#5 for Success and Money is to Feng Shui Your Home.

This is woo-woo, read back up to the tip about Mindset again. Or watch my video, I’m a lot harsher with my message in that video, You can watch it here.

Click here for the Link.

Your Font Door in Feng Shui

Once you have Feng Shui your home, inviting the Good Prosperous Sheng Chi into your home aka the good energy, You will attract Money and Success into your home.

If your home is full of shoeboxes and garbage, are you really allowing the good Money energy into your home?


So get outside and take a look and remove any trash and a bunch of dirty dead leaves and that are buried underneath, the snow or you know you have to make, room for Money & Success to come into your life.


If there’s no room for Money energy to come it’s just gonna keep on going.

Some of you already know that  Feng Shui starts outside the house, so go take a good look at your surroundings. Maybe the old, jalopy of a car that’s sitting there that you’re not going to use your drive for the last you know five years that you’re keeping maybe you should sell that and remove some stagnant energy.


So that that the new energy the new Chi the new Fresh good energy the money energy can come and find your home so you have to Allow it to come in.


Money is a Currency, however,it is really about Your Commitment to doing something.

In Order for you to allow Money and Succes into your World, you need to take a hard look at the Feng Shui of  Your home, this is the  Fifth Secret Tip for Success and Money!


To Feng Shui Your Home,   starting at the front door you’re gonna go through the little checklist that I’ve created for you.

How to Feng Shui Your Home in 10 Easy Steps Top 10 FREE FENG SHUI TIps for your homeour Home in 10 Easy Steps or this one.  You can download that here.

To Feng Shui Your Home , You Might Also Like, My How to Feng Shui Your Home Guide for 2018.

“How to Feng Shui your Home Guide for 2018.”


You can get your Feng Shui your Home Guide here in our Shop.



You can download that Free 10 Tips list here.

You’re gonna declutter and you’re gonna look at that area with your New Feng Shui vision and say hey if I was  Money or Good energy or good Chi or prosperity and success,  am I gonna be able to find the place?

 Is there a house Identifier number that is clearly visible from the curb to let your Invited guest coming to your home know where to find you??

You address must clearly visible from the street, curbside, back door, whatever is your main entry point into your dwelling.  Shine up that number of YOUR House!



My Sixth and Final Secret Tip for Success and Money is to Find Your Best Direction and Location and Go there!

Yes, spend time there.

Here’s how…

If you have been following me you may have already read about your Best and Worst Directions for sleeping and studying etc.

If you are new, here is that article I wrote on what is my Ming Gua Number. 

It was about how to determine your best sleeping direction. Very Helpful! 

What is My Gua Number in Feng Shui?

So the Final Step once you have figured out what your Gua number is and have located your fabulous sheng chi direction and location.

Yes, you will be needing your compass.

! Here is my affiliate link for one from Amazon, plus my handly lesson on How to Use your Compass to take a compass reading of your home or office.

Go and hang out in your best location of your home, and then face your best directions and start that Budget!  Or thos Money Manifestations.


 Go and hang out in The best location of your home, and then face your best directions and start that Budget!  Or those Money Mindset Manifestations. 

So by now, you have learned that everybody has a specific direction that is really beneficial for them. Go use the chart in my Ming Gua Article, so find that direction take a look figure which area is best for you, according to your gua number formula. It’s pretty easy,  it’s all in the year of your birth and you gotta go and figure out what is the best area for you for your Personal Sheng Chi Direction. Easy Peasy Right.

For your personal Sheng-chi Direction, sheng-chi is your prosperous direction that’s your Prosperity,  chi direction,  That’s your Success & MoneyDirection – Cheers! 

In order for you to be successful, you need to be in that Sheng Chi Location or facing that Sheng Chi otherwise known as your Success & Money direction. 


Perhaps you are facing the wrong way maybe, you’re not.

You Know, maybe there’s a location that you in which you live eat, breathe, sleep, drink, work, and play better than others. Now you can understand or appreciate why.

Like when taking a photo, this is my Best side versus my other side, Right?  Do you get me?

We all have a better side or better location first which is your function and direction within that location so basically, if you know what maybe you need to move, Just kidding,  I wouldn’t suggest that but maybe you need to pick up your desk and pivot and move and face a different direction! Little Helpful Bits.

What have you got to lose?

Give it a try let me know how it goes, by leaving a comment below and let me know of any changes.


Alright, so those are my 6 Secret Tips for Money & Success and how to attract or allow it to come into your life.


To Recap: 

  1. Talk about Your Money and Success.

  2. Create a Budget and track your money, and follow your money and Budget.

  3. Sell Something and Declutter your Home and Your Stuff

  4. Change your Mindset about Money into Postive Happy & Friendly thoughts.

  5. Feng Shui your Home and allow the Money & Success Chi to find you.

  6. Locate your Best Direction and Location, Location, Location and spend time there.

So I encourage you to try  Just one of my 6 Secret Tips for Success and Money and see what changes in your World.

Comment below and let me know if I have helped you change your Mindset about Money.

If you would like my help with understanding how to use Feng Shui and Law of Attraction you can

contact me here.

Ciao for Now!


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