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CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources 

Resources page for CircleofWealth
Here is where I share only the Good stuff I personally use making My  Life + Yours +Easier with My Business Start-Up Tools.

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Business and Blogging in the online world doesn’t only require time and a set amount of skills but also resources and behind the scenes tools that make the magic happen. Here are a few of the amazing programs and services I use.


CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources  for Your Hosting Providers 

*BlueHost (Good)

I have self-hosted my website with them and it’s so worth it. It’s so much better than having a free WordPress website and I got the domain name for free the first year. I honestly recommend them if you’re thinking of taking blogging seriously and if you want a professional website.

BlueHost Affiliate Link Persistants

In 2018, Bluehost is one of the top web hosting providers and it received many awards for it. You can start your own personal blog with Bluehost for as low as $3.95 per month (this price is a special discount following my link!). You will receive a free domain for free if you sign up using my link (for plans including 12 months or longer).

However, I have since outgrown them and moved over to *In Motion Hosting.

inMotion Hosting affiliate link

*In Motion is my current hosting provider.

Hosting (Best): InMotion Hosting

As my business grew, I was in need of a more robust hosting company for my websites. InMotion Hosting is the choice for me because of the high level of support they provide, quality, and speed of hosting services. They have special plans just for WordPress sites which makes them an even better choice for bloggers and online business owners

When it comes to managing many websites for myself and for Clients, they are most superior. Customer Service is 24/7. Have a look, I have negotiated a better rate for all of our Subscribers by using this link here.

LINK to In Motion negotiated rate. 


CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources  for Our Preferred Domain Name Providers 

*Name Cheapnamecheap affiliate link

Domain name service providers like NameCheap gets the job done, cheaply. As you know, having a custom domain name is so important (no “” or “” at the end). Not only does that make your blog look super professional, but it’s easier to remember and search when your readers want to come back and read your latest posts. If your domain name isn’t included with the hosting, NameCheap is a super affordable place to buy your domain name from. Wow! Here is my negotiated rate for you I think I have paid 9.00 for mine…

Register your domain names from $0.88


CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources for Customer Relationship Management Online Platform:


If you are blogging or want your own website, WordPress is the must-have tool to use. It is easy to install and has a lot of plugins to make your website look great!


CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~ Preferred  Resources for WordPress Templates: 


Everyone Loves Themes! there are so many! My favorite place to get themes for my Free WordPress site is, ThemeForest. The themes look great, are easy to install, and come with fantastic directions.

 Astra is my Newest Love!  CircleofWealth is using it.

A very workable straight outta the box, free and pro theme.

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources 

 for Tech Support:

 WP Radius

WP Radius is a technical support service for WordPress owners. What does that mean exactly? They will help you with any issue you have on your WordPress site big or small. They will add plugins, tell you how to make it run faster, move menus, add multiple logos, and basically anything you ask for. Even better? They are lightning fast. This is a must-have for every WordPress site owner. We love the techs at WP Radius!

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources 

 for Tech Security

Security: Sucuri 

Sucuri is the protector of all of my websites. Sucuri monitors my websites for malicious spyware and guards against hackers. If you have a website that is at the core of your business, you must have Sucuri to protect you.

Securi Security- eCommerce Website Security

Security is an ongoing battle on the web. And for your online store or eCommerce site, it’s critical that both your content and your visitors are protected. That is why I recommend  Securi Security.

WordPress gets a bad wrap around being secure. But in reality, it’s not WordPress. It’s a lot of other factors. And there is nothing worse than finding that your site has been compromised in one way or another. Or even worse, Google has blacklisted it. And from experience I can tell you once something like that has happened, you want someone who knows exactly what they are doing. So whether your site suddenly is attacked or infected, or you want to prevent something like this from happening, check out my friends and I promise, they will take care of you.

You Can Read all about my choice of using WordPress and Why You Should Choose WordPress  on my other  blog.

Why you should choose wordpress
Why You should choose Word Press a Self Hosted vs non Self Hosted Comparison.

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources 

for Organization & Online Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is perfect for scheduling meetings online with anyone. Just Set your availability, share a link and they pick the time that works best, No more going back and forth with times. If you’d like to book a time with me you can do that here and see acuity scheduler in action.

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources  offers a FREE 20-minute consultation to help you evaluate your Social Media needs and create a custom plan to fit your specific requirements and budget.

Schedule Appointment & Learn More



CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources 

for Email Marketing  

Mail Chimp is what we started out with, I think everyone does.

You can learn more here about how you can use Mail Chimp to connect with your audience. and the best part is it is Free for up to your first 1000s subscribers. Here is a free Guide to help you

Here is a Free Guide to help you along.   In case the link does not work here is the URL.

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~ Preferred  Resources

for  Sharing your Content

Email Opt-In (Good): SumoMe 

SumoMe has great services for collecting email addresses on your website, as well as Social Share buttons that you can place anywhere on your site. The thing that I love about SumoMe is their opt-in pop-up forms aren’t obnoxious and don’t get in the way of trying to read content on my site.

If you are looking for a free alternative to the email options. I also love the how much control I have over the color of my buttons that match my site as well as the location options.

We have Sumo Me on our site as it helps us share our content socially, on Facebook and Pinterest. Have a look and please share!

Mail Munch is another free email that I have used as an opt-in option as well as Hello Bar!

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~ Preferred  Resources

for Writing Content  

Grammarly: Free Grammar Checker

grammarly logo

Grammarly offers a free grammar checker instantly, which eliminates grammatical errors and enhances your writing. Grammarly is trusted by millions every day, including us. Not an affiliate just love their product. It has helped me find mistakes and typos, missed by everyone.

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~ Preferred  Resources

for Online Payments 

For Your Online payments – we recommend PayPal. 

Sendowl icon

If You are looking to set up Shop with Send Owl.  I highly recommend them. 


Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~Business Start-Up Tools & Preferred  Resources 

 for Stock Photography

I almost need a Full Page just for Stock Photography Resources.


*Boss Latina is amazing and has wonderful Feminine pictures.

Do you like our Persistants Logo?

We have used BossLatina pics at Persistants Executive Assistants and for a few of our favorite graphics. You can grab your 10 free stock photos today by clicking the picture below. You will fall in love. just like I did.YES! I am Proud to be an affiliate.
Stocksy is a good Resource. 

Kayla at Ivory Mix is Awesome! She has so many free photos for every season.

Wonder Elle has an amazing eye for Quality Fem Photos.

Stock Photos: Pixaby

I love Pixaby! They have excellent stock photos and they are free! Even better than that you can get any size photo you want for free. Not an affiliate.

Stock Photos:

When I first started out in marketing I searched high and low for stock photos that looked great but didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I have found that service with Their photos and graphics are beautiful and are affordable for the everyday user. Not an affiliate.


Everyone Loves a Pretty Good Looking Image. Here are some of My Personal Favs.

Alena's railroad
Well, my daughter happens to be the Choice photographer in our family and my personal favorite!! She loves her nature shots!  and If you wanting to purchase or are in need of specific photos, you can email her directly here. Yes, she has her own website. 

CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~ Preferred  Resources for 

Design: Canva

Canva is good-looking graphic design made easy! There are templates for blog posts, Facebook pages, Instagram, and more. Canva helps you look good online!

CircleofWealth ~Destiny Defined ~ Preferred  Resources for Social Media Assistance 

When do you need a Virtual Assistant? Why wait?

Virtual Assistants– Persistants Executive Assistants

Graphic Design – If you are looking for some help with editing creative images for your brand. Persistants executive assistants can Assist you with that.


At Persistants ~Executive Assistants – We have many packages available for Pinterest, Facebook all your Instagram and Social Media needs.

  Just Ask! 

Contact Persistants Here it is also My other Passion! 


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I Hope you have enjoyed my CircleofWealth~Destiny Defined’s ~ Preferred  Resources & Business Start-Up Tools. 



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This Does and will contain some affiliate links, however, I am still putting this living document of our Preferred Resources list together, for your benefit. Please forgive its incompleteness, as it’s still in progress and ever-changing with our needs. If you have questions please contact us.

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