Feng Shui: Mondays Did you know what the3 Most important areas are???

In Classical Feng Shui, we start assessing our environment from the outside with the natural land formations, mountains and water formations, etc.  In today’s world, we also have the man-made forms that impact our homes and offices as well, such as hydro towers, ramps to major highways, tall buildings etc.
Once we have taken these factors into consideration and make any changes necessary to allow the good chi, to come to our home we can step inside and take care of the 3 main areas inside the home,
 The three Most Important areas of the home are the ones that you traditionally use most often, therefore you should pay special attention to them:

1) your Main Entrance, or front entry or the main door you use, including our driveway and front porch. The main door is the chi mouth of your home, this is where the all important chi enters the building. Depending on the direction in which it points your home breathes in a different kind of chi. To learn more about the types of chi you can read my article about that here.

2)Your kitchen, in Chinese most importantly the main direction of the stove, should be facing the bread winner’s best direction. How do you figure that out? By using the breadwinner’s  favourable directions and locations.

and finally 3)  your master bedroom.

Again, this is beginner level Feng Shui, for exact locations and directions you must consult a Feng Shui practitioner. Book your appointment today, email Danielle at fengshuiing@gmail.com.

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