Hello November!

Hello November

Can you believe we have less than two months left until the New Year!

WOW Time flies.
 Where did this year go?!
As the Calendar year is quickly ending, I’m curious to hear what are your plans for the last 2 months of 2018?
Overall it’s been a good year for us, we moved a few years ago and we have settled into the new Neighbourhood nicely, It is very quiet and we love it.
The kids switched back to their old school in our old hood,  so I am their UBER driver for the most part. Our Daughter started Highschool and we celebrated her first real exams with cake and a nice dinner at home.
Here is a list of things that I wish to get done in the next month or so to prepare for the New Year : 
  1.  Sign the kids up for a Winter Class, like skating or Hockey!
  2.  Go for a walk after dinner 3 x per week, with the entire family. I think this is a great reflection and self-care time for us all, plus exercise. Getting in touch with nature, no matter the weather, keeps us all in check with reality and focused on what truly matters.LOVE  my Family time.
  3. Menu Plan and Shop- I have come across so many Menu Plans and new recipes. My goal s to make 3 new recipes per month.
  4. Plan our Family Finances. I have fallen in love with some people out there like Jordan Page, she is amazing and I have learned so much from her budgeting experience. You can watch her here.
  5. Feng Shui my home and declutter it nice and early and get my annual updates ready for you guys.
  6. Plan our Family Vacations for 2019- well in advance. Last Year we went to the Big Apple, it was ok, a huge city, too much to see and we drove, I’m not sure we will do that again. It was much further than I thought from Toronto.  This year we would like to do something more exotic and warm.
  7. Declutter and Donate items to some friends and family.  Goodwill.  I’m doing it today – I promise!
  8. Create our Holiday Budget – Have to get a budget ready as we have a family  Birthdays coming in December plus Christmas. Do you have your Holiday budget & prep list planned out?
  9. To Continue to create AWesome sauce content-rich blog and vlog posts for your reading pleasure. Send me any suggestions or issues you think Feng Shui or Law of Attraction can help you or what areas you would
    like to read up on.
  10. Spend more quality time with the kids -playing scrabble, cards and reading outings, getting them off the Xbox slump. Fortnight and Minecraft is not so good for the tummy.
  11. Take a self-improvement course online study or perhaps join a weekly Yoga or Pilates class, and just enjoy life.

Say Goodbye to November and Look forward to the Holiday season!

 What about you?  Let me know in the comments below!

PS. This is based on our Lunar calendar of course, the Official Feng Shui Chinese New Year 2019 starts on Feb5, 2019. Year of the Earth Pig. ~ No worries we still have time plenty of time to plan and update our homes for Prosperity
with  Flying Star Annual Feng Shui updates.

Feng Shui Chinese New Year 2019 is upon us.  


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